Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Twigs become Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I am sitting here without electricity waiting for the world to return to normal after the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. I am thankful that my inconveniences will be minor, no electricity or water, loss of about 15 trees, lost time from work. At this point on Tuesday morning many others are still assessing damages far worse.

But I plan to use that which has been offered by nature to be creative. What I have in abundance is downed trees and branches and, if you follow my blog, you'll know I do love those resources. I started with a little research in my pinterest collection of twigs ideas with my though being something for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.  Here are some of the inspirations I've seen.

Source: Tiny Prints

Source: Carl Oosterhouse •  Via:Fresh Home

Source: Centro Garden

Now, I'll post this, sign off and go out and gather resources! We'll see what I decide to create.

Meanwhile, remember my branch series. If you to have a ton of branches down (or just like decorating and crafting with branches) check out my branch series.

Click here to resources on my Branch Inspirations • Series Overview.

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  1. I found your blog several months ago and each evening would read a few entries until I finally had read every entry in chronological order - very well written, very interesting, beautiful property. I live in the Midwest but used to spend summers in N.H. and still have friends there riding out Hurricane Sandy. I have thought of you and was glad to read you are OK but not surprised to see you have no electricity. This is only my second comment on your blog; the first comment was re your post of 3/19/12 regarding an entry of yours on design trends. Very much enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it - keep up the good work.