Friday, October 26, 2012

Laundry Door • IKEA Kvartal Solution

One of the goals in the completion of my laundry room was to minimized the space required by the mechanicals, move them out of sight, yet leave access to them so that they can be maintained or replaced when needed. The plan was to position them behind a sliding panel, one that could be removed when maintenance people needed access. Here is a photo after completion of the wall. It separates a tiny corner into which our miracle working plumber fit everything.

I considered many ideas to close off this area from bi-fold doors (hate them), to a sliding barn door (dryer hose is in the way), to a fabric curtain.  I then remember the Kvartal hanging panel line at IKEA. I helped my daughter and son-in-law install those in their bedroom awhile ago. David and I went to IKEA, liked what we saw and came home with the parts. This system includes a triple track and very thin panels which slide beautifully.

I didn't need the triple track, only two and we adjusted the rail to minimize thickness. Space is at a premium in this room.

I am very pleased with the results. The fabric panels are stiff, have an interesting weave, will allow air flow through them, and although semi-transparent, are dense enough so they effectively hide all the mechanicals behind them. The are beautifully engineered and slide easily. And the panels pop-right out when we need unobstructed access to the plumbing behind.

Behind the left panel (which slides behind the laundry chute, is the electrical panel, water heater and pressure tank.

Slide the doors the other way and in the smaller end you find the water filtration system, washer and dryer access panel and hooks for storing my LLBean bag collection. My vacuum cleaner fits there as well.

Incredibly functional space, hidden by two sliding Kvartal panels. I am considering painting a border design along the bottom of the panels. When closed it is too much uninterrupted white. Still thinking about that though.

I am going to get a triple set though to use under the folding table.  I didn't put cabinets there because I want to place a couple of large storage containers with laundry baskets on top. my original plan was to have two carts that I could wheel out with panel doors on front. Space seems too tight for that solution. A triple set of Kvartal looks like a better solution.

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