Monday, February 25, 2013

Decorating Easter Eggs • Ideas

Having eggs and tulips around speaks of spring to me. I bought some tulips and started thinking eggs. Knowing Easter is coming, I started planning my Easter Eggs for 2013. I have been trying to make a few eggs every year to expand my collection and I like to try something new. Tomorrow I'll share my new 2013 egg idea. Today I'll again share the eggs from the past few years. Back in 2012 and 2011 I had about 20 readers so most of you missed these unique eggs.

2012 Egg - Ombré Eggs

These eggs were made using ordinary spray paint and I had fun making many different color combinations. You can go here for a complete tutorial.

2011 Harlequin Eggs 

These were made using colored duct tape. It was hard to work with but these look great in a mixed bowl of eggs.You can go here for a complete tutorial.

Speckled Birds Eggs 

I made these last year for a spring arrangement. You can go here for a tutorial on how to make the eggs and here for a tutorial on making the driftwood next.

Filling air holes in blown eggs:
Last year I figured out a good way to fill air holes in hand blown eggs. It makes them easier to decorate if you do fill the holes.

I posted a tutorial here.

Come back tomorrow and see what new technique I tried for my 2013 Easter Eggs.

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  1. I haven't done eggs in years! I usually use old jewelry gems and other odd items found in my craft box...
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